We have had a flurry of virtual activity since our April newsletter running well-attended meetings such as: Environmental Isolates; the Annual PCP Conference and Endotoxins: LAL today/LAL tomorrow.

I also ran a meeting in April covering: An Introduction to Sterile Manufacturing which went really well despite completely forgetting how to gown properly with everyone watching me make a fool of myself!

Coupled with webinars on Burkholderia Cepacia and Out-of-Specification investigations, it’s been a busy 3 months

We have more events in the market place just for you – so do have look at our website www.pharmig.org.uk

The Committee are also actively working on our 29th Annual Conference agenda scheduled to run on the 17th & 18th November. It’s a gamble at the moment as to whether it will be face-to-face or virtual or a combination, depending on member and supplier company policies – all a bit tricky to confirm right now but we will keep you posted. But don’t worry, we will definitely be running it in some shape or form!

For all the true geeks out there, the 19th July is Pharmig’s actual 30th anniversary. It falls on a Monday so any celebrations may be more mocktail than a true Pharmig concoction. When considering this landmark achievement for an organisation that can host large international conferences, bringing in professional speakers from across the world, it is worth mentioning that Pharmig was originally established by a microbiologist (Poly Hajipieris) in a broom cupboard. People often accuse microbiologists of performing black magic, well now we have a tentative link to Harry Potter. We started running the, now annual, UK Conference a year later which means that next year will be our 30th event anniversary. We should be back to normal by then – if not WHEN????? We will be looking to celebrate that conference in true glorious Pharmig style with a little extra sparkle!!

If you fancy reading how we got to where we are today – click on this link

Something else to celebrate right now is our winner of the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ 2021 which has been awarded to the modest, hardworking Ben Pickard of AstraZeneca. Check out Pharmig 2021 – Apprentice of the Year Award for more information as to why he is the worthy winner together with our runner up Caitlin Cooke, also of AZ. Well done both and to all those that were nominated by their colleagues.

AND – one final HUGE thank you right now is to our Tim Sandle. At the point of writing this piece Tim has either presented or run webinars for Pharmig on 100 occasions. Tim is a long-term supporter of Pharmig and has helped steer it to the organisation it has become today. His dedication and passion are very much appreciated, although not his ability to persuade me to sample far too many whiskies in an evening.

Right – on that positive note – I am going to now leave you in peace… bye

PS it’s raining

David Keen

Pharmig Chair

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